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Festival "Buzkashi-Navruz"

We invite you to spend with us Navruz spring festival, which is associated with the birth of a new world and to the memory of the past. After all, Navruz in Persian "new day", or rather the first day of the New Year, which coincides with the March 21, the day of the vernal equinox. The locals prepare for this festive day: buy new things, all the old thrown, everywhere are preparing a traditional holiday meal - Sumalak. In all cities, the streets and the squares are held festivals: folk dancing and singing, festivals, theater performances...

On the occasion of this celebration our agency is also preparing a surprise for their guests. We will organize a trip out of the city, where you will be able to participate in the national holidays, visit the colorful fair, with rich spring gifts and local crafts.

After the festivities, we invite you to get with comfortable to enjoy the watching the game Buzkashi (translated as "goat"). This - the ancient game of nomadic tribes in Central Asia. The strongest and most courageous participants are encouraged with special prizes.

At the end of the competition, you can enjoy the festive table in traditional yurts and Uzbek wines and dance with participants of folk performances, which can give you a master class.

So, before you open an opportunity to meet the spring and recharge the spring mood in Uzbekistan.

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Arrival at the airport in Tashkent. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.
Day 2  TASHKENT - SAMARKAND (330 КМ/6 hours)

Tashkent fascinates impression of stopped time - it seems that the past in an instant merged with the present. The walls of this beautiful city keep many amazing legends, and the earth is full of the history of the great past. City tour: Visit the Independence Square, the Theater Square, Hast Imam square, where are the Kaffal Shashi mosque, madrassah Barak Khan, visit to the Museum of Applied Arts.. After lunch drive to Samarkand, a city-tale with turquoise domes. Arrival and hotel accommodation.

Samarkand - a city of numerous legends. Each brick is a witness of the past. Each area of the city is rich with history, legends and stories. And all this in the heart of everyone from Samarkand, all of this can be seen, heard and felt. An unforgettable city with good, hospitable people and spectacular sights. City tour: Registan Square: Madrasahs Ulugbek, Sher Dor, Tillo Kori, Gur-Emir mausoleum, Bibi Khanum Mosque, Shah-i-Zinda necropolis. Overnight at the hotel.

The main day of the route where we are waiting for a pleasant and fun experience. A trip out of the city to attend the celebration of Navruz. In the evening, in Samarkand, we are waiting for dinner in a traditional house, where we were warmly greeted Uzbek family and talk about family customs and rituals. The younger generation of the family do not hesitate showcase Uzbek dances.

Bukhara - the city of poetry and fairy tales. Here legend soar zigzags of street bands, here in the verticals of minarets - the flight of human genius, and every stone in the lace of masonry covered with dust of eternity. City tour: Ensemble Labi Hauz: Kukeldash madrassah, Khanaka Nadir Divan Begi, madrassahs Nadir Devan Begi and Miri-Arab, Juma Mosque, madrassah Ulugbek, mausoleum Chor-Minor, Magoki Attori mosque, mausoleum Chashma Ayub, Bolo Hauz Mosque and the Ark Fortress, Poi-Kalyan ensemble, the Mausoleum of the Samanids, trading domes.

Excursion in the neighborhood of Bukhara. Includes visits Sitorai Mokhi Khosa, the summer residence of the last Emir of Bukhara, Chor Bakr and others.
Day 9  BUKHARA - KHIVA (450 KM/9-10 hours)

Drive to Khiva. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Khiva - this is an open air museum with more than 50 monuments of oriental culture, which are hidden in the winding streets of fabulous city. Those who find them will be able to enjoy the same brilliance and beauty of all that has been created by our ancestors. City tour: Ichan Kala Kunja Ark, madrasas Mohammed Amin Khan, Sayyid Alauddin Mausoleum, Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Mahmud, Friday mosque, the palace Tashkhauli, madrassahs Ala Quli and others. Evening transfer to the airport for the flight Tashkent - Urgench. Upon arrival, transfer to Khiva. Accommodation and overnight at the hotel.

Transfer to the airport. Departure.

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