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Foreign citizens and stateless persons can enter the Republic of Uzbekistan or travel through its territory on the basis of entrance visas only.
Uzbek visa should be obtained at Uzbek embassies abroad. In case there is no diplomatic representation or consular mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan in your home country, it is possible to obtain visa at Tashkent International Airport.
Non-visa regime is established for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.
Simplified visa procedure (visa support is not necessary, the person can directly apply for a visa at the Uzbek Embassy abroad) is established for the citizens of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland.
For the citizens of Israel, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Turkey,  Canada, Australia, China, India, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and some other countries visa support is necessary.
Visa support:
Visa support is a document arranged by the inviting organization, company or person who is permanently or temporarily residing in Uzbekistan and submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Uzbek visa support issuing process takes from 7 to 14 working days. For Uzbek visa support issuing arrangement we need the following:
·         A copy of the passport;
·         Passport type;
·         Full name (per passport);
·         Previous names or other names (if available);
·         Sex;
·         Citizenship;
·         Previous citizenship (if changed);
·         Date of birth;
·         Place of birth (both city and country of birth);
·         Passport number (incl. issue/expiry date);
·         Issued by (authority);
·         Place of work and occupied position (incl. address of work and tel. number);
·         An employment letter from place of work proving his/her position (should normally contain company’s logo and signature or stamp);
·         Home address (incl. tel. number);
·         Marital status (if married full name of the spouse is required / if divorced or widowed the spouse name is not necessary);
·         Previous visits;
·         Place of visa obtaining.

Foreign citizens can enter the Republic of Turkmenistan or travel through its territory on the basis of entrance visas only.
Invitation letter from inviting organization, company is required. Turkmen visa Invitation issuing process takes app. 2 weeks. All tourists traveling to Turkmenistan should also bring 2 color photos of passport sized required for their registration in the country. 
For Turkmen visa invitation we also need a good passport copy (scanned) and a pass photo (scanned).
Regarding scans  they should be colored, in JPEG or PDF, high-definition, file size minimum 250 kB; images from camera/mobile phone are not acceptable due to shine/gloss):
Passport (full page(s) that clearly show all text, photo, signature, bar code).
Pass photo (original size minimum 5x6 cm).
It is possible to obtain Turkmen visa at Turkmenistan Embassies abroad, airport and on the border.

Foreign citizens can enter the Republic of Tajikistan or travel through its territory on the basis of entrance visas only.
Non-visa regime is established for the citizens CIS countries, except Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
Simplified visa procedure is established for more than 60 countries, including UK, China, USA, Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Iran and others. Citizens of these countries can obtain Tajik visa at Tajikistan embassies abroad or at Dushanbe International Airport on the basis of invitation letter.
Invitation letter:
For Tajik invitation letter arrangement passport copy is required.
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