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Pamir tour
Dushanbe – Kalaikhumb – Khorog – Ishkoshim – Khorog – Kalaikhumb – Dushanbe
10 days / 9 nights
Uzbekistan - Golden Road to Samarkand (guaranteed departures)
Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva – Tashkent
9 days/7 nights
Tour to Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek – Cholpon Ata – Karakol – Jeti Oguz – Chon Kemin – Bishkek
6 days/ 5 nights
Uzbekistan – Classical Tour
Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent
9 days/8 nights
Arts and splendours of Uzbekistan
Tashkent – Fergana Valley – Khiva – Bukhara – Nurata/Yurts Camp – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Tashkent
14 days/13 nights
Uzbekistan – Magic Land of Tamerlane
Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand/Zerafshan Mountains – Tashkent
11 days/10 nights
Uzbekistan – The caravan routes of the Great Silk Road
Tashkent – Nukus – Toprak Kala – Ayaz Kala – Khiva – Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand – Tashkent
11 days/10 nights
Uzbekistan – Silk, Mosaics and Deserts
Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Nurata – Aydarkul Lake – Samarkand – Zerafshan Mountains – Tashkent
12 days/10 nights
Archaeological Treasures Of Lost Empires: Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan
Tashkent – Urgench/ Khiva – Darvaza gas crater – Ashgabat – Mary(Merv) –Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent
13 days/ 12 nights
Tajikistan - Uzbekistan – on the traces of Tamerlane (with 5 days trekking in Tajikistan)
Dushanbe – gorge Sangisafed –  Alauddin Lake – Mutnoe Lake – Laudan Pass – Kulikalon Lake – Artuch village – Khudjand – Samarkand – Bukhara – Tashkent
15 days/14 nights
After the traces of Alexander the Great
Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan 
15 days/14 nights 
Oases, mountains, minarets of Central Asia
Kazakhstan  Kyrgyzstan  Uzbekistan  Turkmenistan
17 days/16 nights

Tour from Samarkand to Isfahan
Uzbekistan  Turkmenistan  Iran
21 days/20 nights
Grand Tour along Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan –Turkmenistan
22 days/21 nights