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infomation about Covid-19 Uzbekistan
According to the current regulation all citizens entering Uzbekistan through airports, railway and checkpoints must submit the following:

1) Negative COVID-19 PCR test (in English or Russian) performed in the last 72 hours.
The list of laboratories abroad, the results of which are recognized in Uzbekistan, can be found here: http://sanepid.uz/oz/docs/aqsh-hududidagi-tibbiyot-muassasalari-va-laboratoriyalar

2) Health insurance covering treatment of various diseases, including COVID-19.

3) Tourist Voucher provided by a tourist company confirming travel in an organized group from 5 to 15 participants. In this case quarantine rules will not be applied.

All citizens, leaving Uzbekistan should have a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within the last 72 hours. Our travel company will help to arrange a visit to a certified laboratory for taking a test.