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Welcome to Uzbekistan

6 days

Guaranteed departure to Uzbekistan: Golden Road to Samarkand

9 days

Guaranteed Departure to Uzbekistan: The Silk Road Tour

11 days

Guaranteed tour to Turkmenistan

5 days

Uzbekistan - Pearl of Magic East

10 days

Tour to Kazakhstan & Turkmenistan

10 days

Discover Uzbekistan

11 days

Almaty at a glance

5 days

«Roof of the World» and handicrafts of Orient

18 days

Legendary Capitals of Central Asia

8 days

Sufi heritage of Southern Kazakhstan

4 days

After the traces of Alexander the Great: Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan-Tajikistan

16 days

Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan

13 days

Enticing Kyrgyzstan

3 days

Uzbekistan – Silk, Mosaics and Deserts

12 days

Kyrgyzstan, authentic and unexplored

8 days

On the Traces of Tamerlane: Uzbekistan - Tajikistan (with 5-day trekking)

15 days

Grand Tour along Central Asia

22 days

Day trip from Tashkent to Samarkand

1 day

Day trip to Shakhrisabz & Tersak

1 day

Trip to Ancient Fortresses

1 day

A Day Trip to Chimgan Mountains

1 day

Trip to Shakhrisabz

1 day