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«Roof of the World» and handicrafts of Orient

This tour offers to visit a unique corner of the world – Pamir, which is often called “Roof of the World”. This tourist destination attracts not only professional mountaineers and adventure fans, but also nature tourism lovers. Unique highland peaks snowed the whole year round due to severe climate of the region, exciting mountain passes, beautiful lakes and rivers with clear crystal water will undoubtedly make your journey through Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan memorable. In Uzbekistan, where this amazing tour ends, you will get acquainted with secrets of traditional handicrafts Fergana Valley is famous for.

Route: Dushanbe – Kalaikhumb – Khorog – Ishkashim – Lyangar – Bulunkul – Murgab – Karakul – Kyzyl Art border – Sary Tash – Osh – Dustlik border – Andijan – Fergana – Chust – Namangan – Margilan – Rishtan – Kokand – Tashkent

Duration: 18 days / 17 nights

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International flight to Dushanbe.


Monument of Ismail Somoni, DushanbeArrive in Dushanbe early in the morning.
Meet at the airport by driver, transfer to hotel. Early check-in (after 04h00). 
14:00 – Tour one of the most beautiful capitals in Central Asia: Monument of Ismail Somoni on the Friendship Square, Rudaki Central Park, Tajikistan Museum of Antiquity displaying Budha Statue in Nirvana (closed on Mon). Visit to local bazaar.
Overnight at hotel.


Hissar fortress, TajikistanToday we continue on: botanical garden and local tea house.
Then enjoy a tour to Hissar located 40 km away, in front of the city gates. There was an old fortress of the 18th century, which was destroyed by the Red Army. Nowadays, the gates are restored. There are 2 madrassahs of the 16th century nearby.  
Overnight at hotel.


Gorno Badakhshan region, TajikistanToday you depart for Kalaikhumb (370 km, 7-8 hrs).
You head towards “Gorno Badakhshan” – the official name of Pamir administrative region. Further drive to Kulyab in Western Pamir. Enjoy exciting mountain landscape on the way. You will see remote villages, very old region with ancient traditions, where badakhshans speaking their own language reside. In Tajik region of Pamir 7 different languages are used. On the way you also visit: ancient city Khalbuk with a small museum; Mir Said Ali Khamadoni mausoleum.
Arrive in Kalaikhumb, which is located on the Pyanj River bank. Arrival and accommodation at hotel.
Overnight at hotel.

Khorog, TajikistanTransfer to Khorog (250 km, 6-7 hrs). We drive along Pyanj River. All the way, Afghanistan is on the other side of the river. At the distance of the cat jump, but even so, it is a completely different life on the other side of the river. The road leads down the most sensational mountain road in the world, which is entirely of road metal, bringing you directly to Khorog. Afghan villages across the river are particularly interesting.
Arrival and accommodation at hotel.
Overnight at hotel.


Local people, TajikistanToday you will visit Khorog ethnographical museum, which offers to get acquainted with culture of Vakhi and Pamiri people. You also visit botanical garden, from where you can enjoy an outstanding view of the city.   
Overnight at hotel. 



Garm Chashma hot spring, TajikistanTransfer to Ishkashim (100 km, 2-3 hrs). Drive to the highland of Pamir across the breathtaking Panj valley.
On the way (app. 45 km from Khorog) you visit Garm Chashma hot spring (12 km from the main road to the spring and same distance back).
After lunch you will get to Vakhan corridor, which is of interest both ethnically and historically (close to the border with Afghanistan). It is necessary to get registered in Ishkashim when you arrive there. It is the place, where the Great Game ended (Great Game – a conflict in history between Britain and Russia for domination in Central Asia) and Vakhan corridor was a kind of neutral zone.
Here in Ishkashim you can have a walk to local bazaar and enjoy views to Hindukush Mountains
Overnight at local house (home stay, 2—3 pax per room)

Remnants of Yamchun fortress (4th-3rd cc.), TajikistanDrive along Pyanj River (150 km, 3-4 hrs). Here you can certainly notice cultural differences between the Tajiks and Pamir inhabitants. On the way you visit ancient fortress of Kakh Kakha Nomads.
In Yamg village you visit to Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani museum, a local scientist-sufi, theologian, writer and traveller, who died in 1910. Next to his house there is a stone pillar with a hole that he took care of, a solar calendar, as well as a local house with inscriptions and decorations made by the scholar.
On the way you can also see Budhist stupa in Vrang, sacred hot springs Bibi Fatima Zukhra, remnants of Yamchun fortress (4th-3rd cc.)
By evening you reach Lyangar – the area between Hindukush and Pamir, which was a branch of the Great Silk Road for many centuries. Lyangar is the last village in Tajik Vakhan corridor, Afghanistan begins afterwards. This is where Vakhi live, a tribe that makes a living by herding sheep.   
Overnight at local house (home stay, 2—3 pax per room) 

Bulunkul Lake, TajikistanDrive to Bukunkul village and further to Murgab (230 km, 6-7 hrs). 
14:00-16:00: Enjoy time by Yashilkul Lake, swimming or walking nearby. Continue your way to Murgab. You will go through Pamir Mountains, passing by yurts and herds of yaks, arriving into Murgab, the administrative centre of eastern Pamir (3700 m a.s.l.) with quite big settlement. 
Short walk and a visit to the local bazaar. 
Overnight at hotel.      


Yaks, TajikistanVisit to handicraft workshop “Yak house”.
Afternoon free. 
Overnight at hotel.


The beaver, TajikistanDrive to the biggest lake of Pamir – Karakul Lake (140 km, 3-4 hrs), located at the height of 3 914 m a.s.l., the ancient settlement area of Kyrgyz nomads. Each spring they travel with their flocks of horses and yaks to the summer meadows. Now you are very close to the Chinese border.
Karakul Lake, which is translated as “black lake”, is considered to be the natural miracle of Central Asia, surrounded by the mountain chain of Pamir, with clear crystal water and lonely shores. Here you can have a nice walk to the mountains in nearby area (up to 4000 m a.s.l.). If you are lucky enough, you can see timid sheep of Marco Polo.  
Overnight at local house (home stay, 2—3 pax per room)

Osh, KyrgyzstanToday you leave Karakul Lake and cross Kyzyl Art Pass (4282 m a.s.l.), continuing your way to Kyrgyzstan (60 km, 2 hrs).  
You cross Tajik-Kyrgyz border point Kyzyl Art.
Be met by Kyrgyz team at the border at 10:00.
Transfer to Osh via Sary Tash village (285 km, 5 hrs), Taldyk Pass (3146 m a.s.l.). Make a stop in Sary Tash.
Arrive in Osh, one of the most ancient cities on the Silk Road.
Overnight at hotel.      


Suleiman Too Mountain, KyrgyzstanAccording to legend, the city was founded more than 3 000 years ago by the King Solomon. In Osh you will visit Suleiman Too Mountain, the national museum of history and archaeology, small house of Babur, Ravat Abdullakhan mosque and ethnographical centre of “Alimbek Datka”, bazaar of Osh, which is there on the same place as before at the time of the Great Silk Road.
Free time.
Overnight at hotel.      


Uzbek spicesTransfer to the border (15 km), farewell with Kyrgyz team.
Border crossing, border formalities.
Be met by Uzbek team.
Drive to Fergana (130 km, 2 hrs). On the way we make a stop in Andijan to visit museum of Babur and garden of Babur. Excursion to local madrassah and bazaar.
Arrive in Fergana, transfer to hotel, accommodation. 
Overnight at hotel.


Local peopleDepart for Chust (120 km, 2 hrs), which is known as the remote city in Fergana Valley and a hometown of many masters on pocket knives production. One can admire their finished products on the local market. 
In the city there is also a park, which is relatively old, not attractive though, if compared with European parks. 
After lunch drive to Namangan (50 km, 1 hr). Excursion in Namangan: one of the main sights is Mulla Kyrgyz madrassah built in the twenties by some local cotton producer. There is also Ota Valikhan Tur mosque, which was also built in the twenties, and which is worth visiting. Another monument of interest is the architectural complex of Amin Kabri with its terracotta facade dating back to the 18th century.
Drive back to Fergana (85 km, 1.5 hr).
Overnight at hotel.

Cermic workshop in RishtanNow we come to the following topic: SILK! Climate is great for silkworm caterpillars.
In Margilan (12 km) you will visit silk-weaving factory “Yodgorlik”, a former socialist exemplary enterprise, where you will be met by the owner. However, today all here looks absolutely different, even though the market became wider and competition became tougher.
Silk is still processed by the traditional method. In some rooms time seems to have stopped. Silk is dyed in big barrels, for which natural materials are used, such as pomegranate grains, nut shell, onions, etc. In the nearby shop you can certainly find the one you like among hundreds of scarves and shawls, which will be a great souvenir for yourself.
As we go on, we visit one more city – Rishtan (45 km, 1 hr), which is famous for its ceramic workshops. You visit one of them and meet with the master who will tell you about his craft. Beautiful turquoise and green bowls and plates.
In Kokand (50 km, 1 hr), a former capital of this region, there are last great Islamic buildings, Khudoyarkhan Palace. You will also visit Norbutabay madrassah, Madorikhan mausoleum and Jami mosque. 
17:00 – Transfer to the train station, farewell with local team. Transfer to Tashkent by train.
Upon arrival, be met and transferred to hotel by local driver.
Overnight at hotel.

Alisher Navoi Theatre, TashkentCity tour of Tashkent: old town with Barakhan madrassah and Kafal Shashi mausoleum (16th century), as well as modern part: Opera House (outside), Independence Square, Earthquake monument
You can also have a visit to the famous ceramic workshop of Uzbekistan – Akbar Rakhimov’s workshop, where you can see the works of the great master.
Overnight at hotel.


Transfer to the airport for International flight home

*This tour itinerary can be adjusted accoding to your requirements and needs

N° of persons prices 2021 in USD

Single room supplement (except home stay in Tajikistan)
$ 2990
$ 2214
$ 2080

$ 390

* For price enquiries (group tariffs) and more details please contact us


Dushanbe Atlas 4* / similar 2,5 nights
Kalaikhumb Karon Palace  1 night
Khorog Lal 3* / Dekhli Darbor / similar 2 nights
Ishkashim home stay 1 night
Lyangar home stay 1 night
Murgab Pamir 1*          2 nights
Karakul home stay 1 night
Osh Classic 4*        2 nights
Fergana Grand Fergana 3* / similar 2 nights
Tashkent City Palace 4* / similar           2 nights

  • Accommodation on double/twin base at above mentioned hotels;
  • Accommodation home stay (2-3 pax per room);
  • Meal base: Half-board: 17 breakfasts + 16 lunches;
  • A/C transportation for all transfers, drives and city tours:
  • English-/French-/German-speaking guides:
    • Tajikistan: throughout guide
    • Kyrgyzstan: throughout guide
    • Uzbekistan: local guides for excursion in Fergana Valley and Tashkent
    • Entrance fees to monuments and museums as per tour itinerary


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